Robin’s Memory by Kid Irish Cooper

She called me her son
But she only ever loved heroin
I called her my mother
But love was never discovered

She called me her hero
But treated me like a zero
I called her my beloved
But that love was left loveless

She called me her boy
But she treated me like a toy
So I hope she made it to Heaven
When she took that last shot of medicine

She called me just to say
That she’s sorry for that day
When her love for drugs and play
Tore our two-piece family away
To the grave, she saved
As I’m still enslaved


Going Postal By Wildtire

Dear Someone,
It’s me again.
Still waiting on the letter
I heard you say you sent.

Maybe it’s just time
to put this thing to bed
‘cause hoping you still love me
only gets me in my head.

Thanks for giving me hope
It got me through so much
My words are all I have to offer you
But can you feel my words touch?

I remember when you said they did
I think, sitting at my desk in jail.
I can’t keep myself from hoping
for your letter in the mail.

Chloe by Kid Irish Cooper

Rubies are red, emeralds are green
Diamonds are brighter than they seem
The sun rises with yellow bold rays
While pearls are white as a new day
But pink is the color of her lips
Precious before I kiss them goodbye
Daddy sings her a lovely lullaby
So behind blue eyes I hide
The tears that become a tide
From an ocean vast, deep, and wide.

Her Smile Is The Best by KC

Her smile is the Best
It makes the world a Better place
Her eyes around me, are the Brightest
like a full moon.
Sometimes they’re Pretty Blue
but only once in a Blue moon
Her hair is fire
that likes to be played with.
It may be furious at times
But I know It won’t hurt me
for I am its weakness
The Fire Does Not Burn me
Just cuddles my hand.
I have No fear with this fire.
It may Not always treat me friendly
But I know when she’s mad
I Do Not Dare to touch Her
When I Know it’s Not Safe
But she will come to me
When she’s ready to be faced.
She’s not your typical Red Flower.
She has her own special Flame
That’s oh so unique
With a special odor that No one could Repeat.
I Play with this fire, Just can’t get away.
I feel with this Fire I’m complete

I Feel by Missy C.

I feel so very lost right now
I feel completely alone
I feel like the world hates me
I feel like a dog without a bone

I feel misunderstood
I feel secretly afraid
I feel like my world has shattered
I feel my sanity might fade

I feel kinship to no one here
I feel like a misfit
I feel horrified of this place
I feel despair that this is it

I feel so very scared for us
I feel punished wrongly hard
I feel like no one is thinking clearly
I feel my soul’s been jarred

I feel amazed I can write these words
I feel no one’s listening
I feel like hope is failing me
I feel like a conquered queen

I feel “maybe” can’t be said
I feel I need to breathe
I feel so shaky inside
I feel it’s hard to believe

I feel like everything is lost
I feel like they think I’m broke
I feel caught in a spider’s web
I feel like just a joke

I feel all these eyes on me
I feel like an outcast
I feel like my life has crashed
I feel stuck in a blast

I feel forgotten and not good inside
I feel depression’s kiss
I feel clueless of the future
I feel like I’m a hit and miss

I feel sorry for myself
I feel honestly unhonored
I feel kinda paranoid
I feel so very bothered

I feel this negativity
I feel out of control
I feel embarrassed to say the least
I feel I’ve missed my goal

I feel strength to make things right
I feel trapped in this place
I feel so worthy of release
I feel no private space

I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel
I feel ten times more
I feel mentally abused
These feelings are a chore

My True Home by Philip C.

This is my true home,
It don’t even exist,
It is in the realm of placelessness,
Truth and bliss.
Also known as Brahman,
Or the syllable Ohm,
It resides separate from the knower and known.
Separate even from the modes of material nature,
It can only be accessed through Sattvic behavior.
Goodness, purity, light, harmony, and balance,
Been living in Rajas,
Transmute it to compassion.
I’ve learned many painful lessons,
From the mode of passion.
I know its time,
To change,
My heart thinking and actions.